Sakya Droton Ling
Sanctuary for Wish-fulfillment

Sakya Lineage - The Khon Family from which Sakya Lineage descended
Celestial or Divine Race According to legend, Ciring descended from Rupadhatu (Realm of Clear Light) and settled on the high mountains of Tibet. 
  • Yuse
  • Yuring
  • Masang Cije
  • Togsa Pawo Tag
  • Tagpo Ochen
  • Yapang Kye
  • Yapang Kye subjugated the rakshas (demons), and married a female Raksha and the family became the Family of Conquerors ('Khon gyi dung' shortened to Khön).

    Khon - Family of Conquerors     From Yapang Kye onwards. 
    Khön Bar Kye (Son of Yapang Kye) 
  • Khön Jekundag (also known as Khon Palpoche, 8th Century AD), son of Khon Bar Kye and a minister of  King Trisong Deutsen, and student of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) 
  • Khön Lu'i Wangpo Srungwa or Nagendrarakshita (first of the 7 monks to be ordained in Tibet by Shantarakshita). According to the biography of Sakya Tarig Tulku Rinpoche, he was one of his previous incarnations.
  • Khön Dorje Rinchen (Ratna Vajra, younger brother / cousin of Khon Lui Wangpo). Both brothers received the Vajrakilaya enpowerment from Guru Rinpoche and the transmission has remained intact to this present day in the Khon family.
  • Khön Sherab Yontan
  • Khön Yontan Jungne
  • Khön Tsugtor Sherab
  • Khön Gekyab
  • Khön Getong
  • Khön Balpo
  • Khön Shakya Lodro
  • Sherab Tsultrim 
  • Sakya or "Grey Earth"     
    The place was blessed by 3 great Masters:
    Guru Rinpoche who built 8 stupas to bless and protect the location, Palden Atisha and Virupa.  
    Khon Konchok Gyalpo started the Sakya Lineage after taking teachings from Drogmi Lotsawa, the first Tibetan to receive the Hevajra tantra from Indian sage Avadhutipa.
    The Tibetan term "Sakya Trizin" refers to the throne-holder or head of the Sakya Order. In the Sakyapa lineage, it is a hereditary role. The authentic Sakya lineage since Khon Konchok Gyalpo's time is now almost 1000 years old.

    Buddhism came to Tibet in 2 different waves. King Trisong Deutsen, Shantarakshita and Guru Rinpoche (in one of their previous lives were the 3 brothers who built the Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal and upon completion, dedicated their merits to bring Buddhism into Tibet) created the first wave. And the tradition is called the "Ancient or Old" school or the Nyingmapa.
    Later, a Tibetan King named Langdharma opposed Buddhism, destroyed many scriptures and prevented the practice of Dharma. After his death, many Tibetan translators went to India to gather teachings from various Indian Masters. They went back to Tibet and created the New School from which Sakya, Kagyud and Gelug Traditions sprung. All the teachings were the same in essence, except for the different Indian Masters and the translators and lineage Gurus.  
                    Extracted from His Holiness' Talk in Auckland on 4 Jun 2009
    is known by 3 special names:
    Celestial or Divine Race (Lharig)
    Celestial Race as       Ciring is said to have descended from the Gods of the Clear Realm Light.
     Khon Family of Conquerors
    Family of Conquerors Name after Yapang Kye subjugated the rakshas. 
    Hereditary Lineage  started by Khon Konchok Gyalpo (1034 - 1102) who built the first Sakya monastery in 1073.