Sakya Droton Ling
Sanctuary for Wish-fulfillment

Collection of Teachings 
2005: Exclusive Interview with His Holiness on Tara
Requested by Tashi Chokyi, April, Gabriela, Thrinley and interviewed by Inge at Sakya Dolma Podrang.  
The English and translated French version are available.
English       French
2009: Dharma Talks  (Auckland)
3 Kayas   5 Jun 2009
One may have read about the 3 kayas or bodies of a Buddha and still come off not even an iota nearer to the understanding. Nothing can beat hearing it from a great teacher like His Holiness who offered a very clear differentiation of the 3 kayas.
Parting from 4 attachments
Again, from the Master's mouth, it is extremely pleasing to the mind how the pith instructions of teaching of "Parting from 4 attachments" summaries the whole Mahayana teachings.
Introduction to Lamdre
This is the main Sakya Teachings and His Holiness gave a beautiful introduction.
We hope all these 3 valuable teachings would be available on CD soon.