Sakya Droton Ling
Sanctuary for Wish-fulfillment

Sakya Droton Ling
The presence of the ordained Sangha is for ensuring the continuity of Dharma.                                                         
"Droton" in Tibetan means Benefactor. The name "Sakya Droton Ling" was given by His Holiness in 2005. Sakya Droton Ling is at present only a virtual site but aspiring to be in New Zealand in a future time-frame. Till then, Drotons shall continue to webcast Sakya programs, in general, and Sakya Nunnery in particular.
May Auspiciousness prevail. Tashi Delek!    
His Holiness 
Upcoming Schedule
 Nov 2012
21th Annual Sakya Monlam, Lumbini, Nepal  Prayers for World Peace and Harmony
 June - July 2012
His Holiness Asian Teaching Tour 2012 
Sakya Droton Ling's   Core Interest Projects
 Years 2010 - 2012 
H.E. late Chogye Trichen Memorial Stupa and Retreat Centre, Narayanthan, Kathmandu, Nepal
 2012 onwards 
When it comes along